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The First Certification Training Course in IRAN

1st Module: Three-Day Intensive Training in


Tehran, Iran

19-21 April 2017

Presented by 

      PAUL KASYANIK, PhD        &       ELENA ROMANOVA, PhD

ISST Certified Trainers/Supervisors

Organised by 


Coordinator of Center for Advanced studies in Mental Health

LANGUAGE: English with Farsi translation

This training module will help attendees gain a systematic understanding of the Schema Therapy model and provide opportunity to learn specific skills and techniques used in Schema Therapy. Based on the ISST approved curriculum for certification training this three day introduction presents basics of ST schemas and modes concepts as well as the core interventions, including limited reparenting, imagery rescripting, mode-specific role-plays, focused play therapy and other experiential, cognitive and behavioral interventions. The workshop is skills based and incorporates: didactic sections with powerpoint presentations, video materials, discussions, demonstrations, and opportunities for participants to practice specific interventions with coaching and feedback. 

This is the first certification workshop in Iran organized by the St.Petersburg Schema Therapy Institute in cooperation with the Center for Advanced Studies in Mental Health. It is eligible for 20 training hours credit in the ISST Individual certification program. 

The second workshop is scheduled for October 2017. It is desirable that attendees have some knowledge of the topic from reading the core ST literature.

About the Presenters: 

Paul Kasyanik, PhD and Elena Romanova, PhD are both ISST Accredited advanced Schema Therapists, Trainers, and Supervisors (Individual, Group and Child-Adolescent) with over 35 years of experience in psychotherapy and counseling including application of schema therapy to complex psychological problems and personality disorders. They have extensive experience in training therapists from all over Russia as well as from Italy, Romania, Finland, Iran, Estonia, Sweden and Lithuania providing ST workshops and supervision for psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals. 

Paul and Elena are the founders of the St. Petersburg Schema Therapy Institute, which runs schema therapy training workshops for ISST accreditation as well as specialist workshops in various areas of mental health.  They have translated and adapted core schema therapy diagnostic instruments, including the YSQ, SMI and YPI into Russian, and have published several research papers on schema therapy. Additionally, they have presented their results at numerous national and international conferences. ​​