5th Annual Conference (University of Waterloo)

Seminar on Schema Therapy with Couples

Dr. Paul Kasyanik and Dr. Elena Romanova

St. Petersburg Institute of  Schema Therapy

The 2014 WVPA Spring workshop


27th APS Annual Convention 2015

Workshop "Journey of Gestalt Therapy" 2015

Southwestern Psychological Association

2016 Convention

The 28th Annual International Conference on Psychology of the self, Baltimore, Maryland


International Workshop on Mindfulness

by Dr. Alireza Beygi


Workshop on Integrative Psychotherapy, Germany


Positive Psychology 2017 Conference 

Seminar on Schema Therapy in Practice

Dr. Eckhard Roediger

President of International Society of Schema Therapy

2 June 2019

32nd ECNP Congress 2019

25 May 2019

14th International Conference on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

15 May 2019

Mental Health Conference 2019 — Annual Conference on Mental Health